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Denise Horan, a Capital Region New York-based sales consultant and coach, expands her local sales club to a national audience, Sales Club USA

Denise Horan, a Capital Region New York-based sales consultant and coach, expands her local sales club to a national audience, Sales Club USA

5 March, 2024

Denise Horan, a Capital Region New York-based sales consultant and coach, expands her local sales club to a national audience, calling it Sales Club USA. After fully being launched in late 2023, the national sales community includes events like conferences, interactive workshops, and presentations. Group members enjoy access to articles, videos, interactive content, and live events to improve their business skills.

The decision to expand her group nationally came shortly after publishing her book in 2021 titled, “Stories from the Sales Field: Navigating a Sales Career in a Post-Pandemic World.” The book is a culmination of Horan’s 30 years of experience training sales professionals. Launching the book and its success was the proof she needed to expand her business activities and reach more professionals. Over the years, she has helped companies grow their sales teams and increase revenues. Horan’s local sales group was a vehicle for helping others further their careers and businesses.

“I am personally celebrating my 25th year in business. After some self-reflection, I am making some big changes this year. I focus on personal sales and business development skills for entrepreneurs, lawyers, wealth advisors, and sales professionals. I launched this sales platform – a community where sales and business development people can come to collaborate, gather resources for self-development, join a club, and attend a workshop. There will be great speakers and events each month. The online aspect allows me to expand nationwide and use all the new tools to attract attention and help those looking to build their businesses,” said Denise Horan, founder of Sales Club USA.

Her local sales club includes solo entrepreneurs, business development representatives, account managers, marketers, and sales executives. Meetings are held monthly over lunch, virtually, or in person. The meeting locations change to cover the vast New York Capital Region in areas like Albany County, Schenectady County, Rensselaer County, and Saratoga County. With the launch of Sales Club USA, Horan hopes to engage people in many states across the U.S. in addition to her local area.

The national group has free and paid offerings on the Sales Club USA website. The group caters to professionals at all sales experience levels, from those new to the profession to seasoned sales superstars, business development professionals, and marketing executives. People who join can expect to receive best practices, advice, and knowledge from Ms. Horan and other seasoned sales and marketing experts. Sales Club USA now also contains smaller, focused virtual interactive gatherings like “Women in Sales” and the “Entrepreneur Alliance,” along with their in-person traveling “Weekender’s Club.” Like her book, Sales Club USA will make the sales profession accessible and provide actionable lessons and tips so individuals can be more competitive.

About The Sales Club USA

Sales Club USA is a national professional group created by Denise Horan, a sales consultant, coach, and author. The national group was launched in late 2023. The national group includes virtual and in-person events highlighting workshops, conferences, guest speakers, and informal get-togethers. For more information about Ms. Horan and Sales Club USA, visit

About Denise Horan

Denise Horan is the founder and principal of Integrated Management & Sales Consulting, which provides solutions to help organizations grow revenues, find new marketing opportunities, and develop effective sales and management leaders. Denise coaches entrepreneurs, trains sales leaders, and teaches business development skills to attorneys and other non-sales professionals.

In 2021, she launched her first book, Stories From The Sales Field, a collection of more than 60 interviews with great sales performers. The book is available at and on Amazon. Denise is also the founder of the Sales Performer’s Club and the facilitator of The Circle Leadership Group.