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Integrated Management & Sales Consulting Announces 25 Year Anniversary

21 June, 2018

Integrated Management & Sales Consulting


Twenty-Five Year Anniversary

Denise Horan, principal of Integrated Management & Sales Consulting (IMS), is pleased to announce that 2023 marks her 25th anniversary in business. Since 1998, Denise Horan has been providing coaching, consulting, and training services to a diverse client base throughout the capital region and nationally. IMS helps organizations grow their revenues, acquire new clients, and develop effective sales and management leaders. 

Denise Horan spends her time coaching entrepreneurs, training sales leaders and teaching business development skills to attorneys and other non-sales professionals. Some recent accomplishments by Denise and Integrated Management & Sales Consulting include:

  • Publishing Stories From The Sales Field, a book providing advice to sales professionals through a collection of 60+ interviews from excellent sales performers.
  • Founding the Sales Performer’s Club of the Capital Region and facilitating The Circle Leadership Group.
  • Teaching Marketing & Ethics for The Albany County Bar Association and Marketing Your Practice for The New York State Bar Association and holding Personal Branding workshops for local law firms.
  • Training entrepreneurs for the Entrepreneurial Assistance Program at The Capital Region Chamber of Commerce and for The Smart-Up Program at The Rensselaer Development Center of the Rensselaer County Regional Chamber of Commerce.  

To mark this milestone, Denise Horan will be launching Sales Club USA, a national online resource platform for professionals focusing on revenue growth. Additionally, Denise will be sponsoring events for the Women’s Employment & Resource Center. 

 To learn more about Denise Horan and Integrated Management & Sales Consulting, please visit, email, or call Denise at 518-877-0285 for a free consultation.