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The Benefits of Hiring a Business Development Coach?

20 October, 2023

5 Reasons Why Coaching is More Important Than Ever for Lawyers Seeking Business Development 

Denise Horan, Principal, Integrated Management & Sales Consulting


Sierra Giamportone, Marketing Intern, UAlbany 

Many lawyers are intimidated by the idea of business development coaching. Common reasons why lawyers feel reluctant to engage in business development include:

  • A lack of education on how to develop business or a lack of confidence in their ability to develop business.
  • Negative connotations associated with being seen as, or behaving like, a “salesperson”.
  • A fear of rejection in personal selling attempts.

While law school teaches a wealth of legal knowledge to students, it fails to convey the importance of marketing and personal branding, which are crucial aspects of client acquisition and retention. 

A general lack of knowledge on how to pursue business development, along with substantial shifts in the legal industry, during the pandemic, has left many lawyers struggling to gain clientele and plan for the uncertain future. Utilizing a coach can help lawyers overcome these obstacles by:

Reason 1: Personalization 

  • Business development is not one-size-fits-all. Coaching works best when customized and personalized.
  • Coaches identify aspects of your personal brand that need growth and development.
  • Coaches create plans that are catered to your specific areas of practice, target markets, and the goals you would like to achieve.  
  • Coaches educate you on self-marketing concepts that you are uncertain or unaware of. 

Reason 2: Accountability

  • It is often difficult to hold yourself accountable within your professional life. 
  • Coaches work with you to set appropriate goals and guide you to ensure you take the necessary steps to achieve those goals.
  • Coaches will help you stay focused and motivated.

Reason 3: Perspective

  • Many times, we get stuck in our bubble. For instance, have you ever dismissed something because you tried it in the past and it did not work?
  • Coaches help you gain new perspectives and navigate business barriers by approaching issues from all sides.

Reason 4: Adjusting to Changes

  • The pandemic has brought many changes to the operation of the legal industry and lawyers' abilities to network. 
  • Coaches can help you find new ways to connect with potential clients and leave a meaningful impression even in these unusual circumstances.

Reason 5: Thinking About the Future

  • Often, we get stuck in our present and forget the importance of preparing for the future.
  • Coaches challenge you to think about what long-term success looks like and help map out realistic ways to achieve it. 
  • Coaches assist in setting personal marketing and branding goals that not only display current achievements, but also establish a solid foundation for further progression into the upcoming years.

Think of your coach as an investment into your future. Business development coaches offer the planning, strategy, and support lawyers need to succeed during these challenging times. 

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