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No appointments allowed! Remote Selling - here to stay?

15 February, 2021


No Appointments Allowed?  Phase Two

Most of the US business community continues to be on “lockdown”.  We are now very familiar with face masks, social distancing and Zoom videoconferencing.  What we thought may be temporary seems to be dragging on.

Employees in many organizations are still working at home, events are being held online if at all and “visitors” are accepted on calls or video.  The in-person meetings may not return for some time.  Many companies and individuals are opting for “safe” communication.

So now what should sales people being doing? 

In order to retain your position, help your organization grow and remain an “essential” employee, you must work smart.  It is more important now that you contribute, market yourself and have a plan for success.  Do you need to make changes?

Consider implementing this list:

  1. Call all clients and prospects. Inquire on how they are doing. Ask how the pandemic has effected them. Find out how you can help.
  2. Use technology – FaceTime, WebEx, Skype and Zoom video conferencing. Learn to strengthen relationships using eye contact and body language.
  3. Educate clients and prospects.  Provide value.
  4. Secure and strengthen your personal brand on social media. Post relevant content that educates and helps your contacts.
  5. Design your own personal marketing plan. Make a daily list and hold yourself accountable. 
  6. Work on sales plans, new incentives and strategies for selling remotely.
  7. Attend virtual events.

Whatever you do, use your time wisely.  Stay visible in your marketplace.  Spread optimism and solutions.  You are still employed and expected to produce revenue this year!