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Integrated Management & Sales Consulting Announces 20 Year Anniversary

20 July, 2018

Integrated Management & Sales Consulting


Twenty Year Anniversary



July 2018

Contact: Denise Horan



Denise Horan, principal of Integrated Management & Sales Consulting (IMS), is proud to announce an exciting milestone as the company celebrates 20 years in business. Since 1998 Denise has been providing consulting and training services to clients throughout the capital region and nationally. IMS is an organization that focuses on coaching CEO’s and employees alike to increase both personal business skills and steer companies on the path to success.


IMS has helped organizations exceed their goals by putting an emphasis on growing revenues by directly coaching, consulting and training. Denise Horan integrates sales and marketing efforts as well as developing strong leaders in order to successfully push an organization towards their goals. A few of these accomplishments include:


  • Sales management consulting that increased new client sales from 200 to 600 in just 3 years

  • Business development coaching to attorneys that has resulted in more visibility and new client acquisition

  • An employee-training program, along with client participation, that has changed the culture of an organization to a customer-focused culture and strongly increased client satisfaction and sales revenue

  •  Establishing an inside sales department that resulted in 50% revenue growth in the first 6 months of the program

  • Customized training workshops and presentations including The Power of Body Language, Negotiation Skills, Marketing Yourself and Successful Sales Strategies


To learn more about Denise Horan and Integrated Management & Sales Consulting, please visit www.denisehoran.comor call Denise at 518-877-0285 for a free consultation.